Eine brennende Leidenschaft für die richtigen Antworten auf die Fragen unserer Kunden. Das verbindet die Menschen im Team von Ylipson. Denn nur die richtige Antwort löst ein Problem nachhaltig. Dafür und darüber denken hochqualifizierte Fachkräfte bei uns jeden Tag gemeinsam nach. Im Rahmen herausragender Innovationsprojekte in unterschiedlichen Bereichen und Branchen. Manche mögen das Arbeit nennen. Wir nennen es „Gestaltung der Zukunft in wachsenden Märkten” – in einem hochdynamischen und expandierenden Unternehmen: Ylipson. Wenn Sie auch so gern richtige Antworten geben und Probleme lösen, wenn Ihnen der Gedanke Spaß macht, an innovativen und anspruchsvollen Aufgaben in den Bereichen Luftfahrt, Automotive, Schiffbau und anderen Schlüsselindustrien mitzuwirken, dann nutzen Sie die Chance, dass Sie diesen motivierenden Einladungstext gelesen haben und informieren Sie sich über Ihre beruflichen und persönlichen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten bei Ylipson.

Fond of solving problems? Welcome!

A burning passion for finding the right answers to our customers’ questions. This is what connects the people in the Ylipson team. Because only the right answer solves a problem sustainably.

Highly qualified specialists at Ylipson think of and about this together every day. In the context of outstanding innovation projects in different areas and industries. Some might call that work. We call it “shaping the future in growing markets”—in a highly dynamic and expanding company: Ylipson.

If you also like giving the right answers and solving problems, if you enjoy the thought of working on innovative and challenging tasks in the fields of aviation, automotive, shipbuilding and other key industries, then take the chance that you have read this motivating invitation text and find out about your professional and personal development opportunities at Ylipson.

Arrival of your application

Obviously you have read our motivating invitation text and discovered a suitable job vacancy, excellent! Our recruiting team will review your documents and get back to you in two to three weeks.

Invitation for the interview

If your resume has convinced us, it’s time for a first meeting. One of our business managers or recruiters is looking forward to an exciting exchange.

Second Interview with department/field

The tension rises. After one to two weeks, you receive feedback again. If the feedback is positive, the next round is about your detailed expertise.

We offer a contract

Almost there. We would like to welcome you as a new employee at Ylipson and send you a contract offer.

The contract is signed

You too have chosen Ylipson and who can blame you, because only Ylipson works like Ylipson.

Theory is good and important. But you also want to know how to put it into practice. So come and join us, take a look behind the scenes and gain your first work experience. As soon as you have successfully completed your 4th semester, we have internships available for you invarious technical business areas.

Get started in good time: We look forward to receiving your complete application documents—preferably three to five months before your planned internship. This will enable us to plan your internship or thesis with you ina practical way and in line with your major field of study. To ensure that you really gain a comprehensive insight into our processes, your internship should last three to six months. Are you interested in joining us as a working student? You can find current vacancies under the menu item Vacancies. There is also a form that you can use to send us your speculative application for the areas of design and development, as well as CAE / calculation. Our recruitment team will check the placement possibilities in our internal departments and get back to you.

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